Bringing Indoor outside to add space for entertaining during social distancing

We are in strange times, such an unpredictability where we don’t know when things will be normal again . We took so much for granted and were free to travel anywhere, entertain and enjoy social gatherings. It’s during this time we appreciate the true value of a home and the atmosphere we are living in. While building and buying the necessary parts of an outdoor living area isn’t as involved as adding a new room to your house, it does require a fair amount of planning. Before you can begin picking furniture. 1 what do i want to use this room for cooking? Entertaing?Relaxing?

2 What is my budget? Also do i need to build overhead protection from rain and shade and even extending roof?

3 Will my plan require additional electrical circuits for extra lighting and a larger ceiling fan for hot days ?

4 Will i need a building permit ?

Even with a small budget you can create an enjoyable outdoor room for dinning and entertaining . The obvious first step is to add a deck or patio in your yard. Once you have that accomplished, there are many ways you can outfit this room. Furniture is another consideration. Weatherproof wicker and Metal furniture is water- repellent and will be more practical.



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