In my experience when you work with a Seller who wants to list his home at a certain price in his mind and he is only looking at the net amount of dollars. I usually am able to convince him after the CMA. Some are still stuck on price they want to list . During my Listing presentation i always advise them that they will be wasting their time and my time. The reason being if their home is listed 2%-3% higher than the market value, they might have to wait longer to get an offer. Infact the listing gets stale. By the time seller decides to reduce the price , it might be already late. First question the buyer will ask if there was something wrong with the house cause didn’t sell within 30 days and was listed in the average price point of the homes that are sellling in the Neighborhood.

So I try to be very honest with the sellers right from the begining and they should look through the eyes of an appraiser. Even if we receive an offer on table and the appraiser appraises almost 2% less than the offer, then we will have to negotiate again about the price. If the buyer can’t get financing then we have to look for another buyer or negotiate with current buyer about the price. Moreover the sellers might be already tired after showings and cleaning everytime before showing. Lets be honest it’s very frustrating process . To avoid all this the house should be listed at market value . Little hire than the homes sold within 3 months. So its critical point to list at the market value and seller might have multiple offers and the house might sell for more than asking price. This strategy usually don’t waste time of the Homeowner and can avoid lot of frustrations during the selling process.

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